domingo, agosto 30, 2009

O que pergunta Henry Jenkins

Num post de meados deste mês, Henry Jenkins divulga, no seu blog, o programa de uma matéria que vai leccionar e que abre com um conjunto de interrogações que bem poderiam ser retomadas noutras paragens e contextos (como o nosso, por exemplo):
  • What does it mean to be "literate" and how has this changed as a consequence of the introduction of new communication technologies?
  • What social skills and cultural competencies do young people need to acquire if they are going to be able to fully participate in the digital future?
  • What are the ethical choices young people face as participants in online communities and as producers of media?
  • What can Wikipedia and Facebook teach us about the future of democratic citizenship?
  • How effective is Youtube at promoting cultural diversity? What relationship exists between participatory culture and participatory democracy?
  • How is learning from a video game different than learning from a book?
  • What do we know about the work habits and learning skills of the generation that has grown up playing video games?
  • Who is being left behind in the digital era and what can we do about it? And how might research on pedagogy and learning contribute more generally to our understanding of media audiences?
Para conhecer o programa em pormenor, basta ir ao post New media literacies - a syllabus.

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