quarta-feira, fevereiro 13, 2008

Internet Segura e redes sociais

A propósito do dia da Internet Segura e das redes sociais, como o Facebook e Hi5, e as angústias que despertam nos educadores, dois excertos de mensagens que discutem a presença dessas redes na escola:

Social networking and school

I mentioned in an earlier post that one of the teachers on our Internet Committee uses Facebook to communicate with the students in her art classes. While the objection I voiced was mainly around how inefficient that method was in a bandwidth context I also have another objection to it and that is that social is social and school is school. For goodness sake leave these kids a place they can call their own!
Where, in this day and age, are the places where kids can hang out and be unsupervised? Practically nowhere if you ask me.
Now I am not saying for one minute that parents should not keep some sort of eye on what their kids are doing online, I believe they should educate themselves on what their children are up to and with whom. I sure do with my kid.
But for heaven’s sake, let teachers stay out of the play space.

Social Networks (No) vs. Social Tools (Yes) in Schools

Social networks as they are currently defined and delivered aren’t for schools. But using social tools to teach our students to build their own networks, networks that go beyond simply socializing with the people they already know has to be.

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