segunda-feira, abril 12, 2004

O mundo dos Webjogos

Para quem se interessar pelo universo dos diferentes tipos de jogos (video, electrónicos...) tem agora ao dispor um instrumento que traça um interessante panorama da situação e perspectivas dos webjogos (on-line e para download), com o 2004 Web and Downloadable Games White Paper, apresentado na Game Developers Conference 2004, que teve lugar no mês passado.

17 princípios de design para os jogos de Internet
"In researching successful games we have observed the following principles:
1. Easy to Learn, Lifetime to Master
2. Simple obvious controls and rules that are easy to master
3. Allow players to discover controls and goals through simple exploration.
4. Provide clear, immediate, and meaningful feedback.
5. Offer clear and obvious short term and long term goals.
6. Players should be able to succeed in the first 10 minutes or earlier.
7. Support short session times of 10-15 minutes as well as longer.
8. Offer consistent controls and labels.
9. Vary the type of challenges so play does not become routine.
10. Support multiple player styles such as Bartle’s 4 types: Achievers, Explorers, Socializers, and
Player Killers.
11. Offer more than a high score as a reward, make gameplay intrinsically rewarding.
12. Offer community/social features such as high score boards, in-game chat, and message
13. Use audio feedback and sound effects to increase excitement and make interaction more
14. Include the option to turn audio off, so games can be played anywhere.
15. Test all aspects of the Player’s experience with real users.
16. Adjust spacing between play and reward to keep players motivated and to imply progress.
17. Remember a player’s high score at least between consecutive games, allow them to save it,
or otherwise show player progress between games."

Características dos jogos que fazem deles um sucesso comercial
"1. Addictiveness
2. Fun factor
3. Challenge
4. Replayability
5. Low learning curve
6. Multiple game play forms for variety
7. A well-designed demo that gives a taste of the game and intrigues users to want to find out more
about additional features available.
8. A web-based version of the downloadable game to create additional interest and exposure for the
downloadable version."

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