quarta-feira, fevereiro 25, 2004

"The Role of Media in Childhood Obesity"

The Kaiser Family Foundation released a report Tuesday that suggests links between obesity in children and exposure to television, video games and movies. One of the main contributors to obesity may be food advertising targeted at kids. Some of the most compelling evidence summarized in the report came from studies that reduced children's exposure to media, saidVicky Rideout, vice president and director at the program for the study of entertainment media and health at the Kaiser Foundation. "What's really powerful are the interventions that have succeeded in reducing children's weight problems by reducing the time spent with media," Ms Rideout said. "If you find that something is succeeding, you don't necessarily have to wait for 100 percent proof explaining why it's succeeding." Childrens'
cable channel Nickelodeon is already responding with a "Let's just play" campaign that encourages physical activityand restricting commercials to the beginning and end of shows [hey, just like PBS]. But advertising executives are not ready to accept all the blame and endorse changes in their industry. They prefer expansion of publiceducation programs to promote healthy eating and exercise [what we need is more advertising!].
[Fonte: New York Times, Autor: Nat Ives]

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