segunda-feira, abril 21, 2008

Internet: comunicação ou informação?

Having conducted an extensive study of Internet use among 9-to-19-year-olds in the United Kingdom, Sonia Livingstone and Magdelina Bober found that young people prefer to use the Internet for communication rather than for information.
Yet, as scholars of literacy technologies have pointed out, the technological focus in schools has been geared toward the information component of digital technologies rather than the communication component. This incongruity suggests that, to better understand young people's literacy practices in digital spheres, researchers need to focus attention on the user (reader and writer) of digital texts. In recent studies of digital literacy practices among adolescents, this focus has produced findings related to why many young people choose to read and write online for hours every day and what these online reading and writing practices can tell us about the changing nature of literacy.

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