quarta-feira, julho 18, 2007

Mais jovens: poucas notícias e não nos jornais

Acaba de sair: “Young People and News“, relatório do Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy, da John F. Kennedy School of Government da Universidade de Harvard. O resumo:

Based on a national survey of 1800 randomly sampled teens, young adults, and older adults, this report examines the amount of daily news consumed by young people. The evidence shows that young Americans are estranged from the daily newspaper and rely more heavily on television than on the Internet for their news. A few decades ago, there were not large differences in the news habits and daily information levels of younger and older Americans. Today, unlike most older Americans, many young people find a bit of news here and there and do not make it a routine part of their day.

Comentando este relatório escreve Mark Potts, no Recovering Journalist:

"(...) There's really no news here. Young people have never cared much about news; now they care even less about fossilized news delivery formats like newspapers. And what are newspapers doing about it? Um, starting newspapers aimed at the youth market! Or publishing condescending kids' news pages (which appear in the very newspapers the kids don't read)! Great thinking. Newspapers and media companies that want to reach younger readers should be doing it on the Web--not just with Web sites or blogs, but with tools that reach kids where they are: widgets for Facebook and MySpace, products tailored for mobile devices, a heavy emphasis on Web video. Stop doing studies to find out where the youth market has gone, stop trying to reach young readers with products from a generation or two ago, and start creating products that audience actually wants (...)".

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