sábado, outubro 08, 2005

Os jovens, os media e respectivos conteúdos e a actividade política

O volume 26 (nº 1), relativo a 2005, da revista Nordicom Review publica o artigo de Christian Buttner The Protection of Minors Against Harmful Media Content in Europe - How European Film Classifiers View Childhood and Adolescence, o qual:

"On the basis of interviews conducted with leading classifiers in Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, France, Portugal, Spain and Ireland, the considerable differences in the rationales behind the respective national classification concepts are examined in terms of how children and adolescents in Europe are granted autonomy and responsibility, and what role parents play in this".

Publica ainda o artigo de Tobias Olsson Young Citizens, ICTs and Learning - A Design for a Study of the Media and Political Activity, o qual se debruça sobre a relação enttre os media e a actividade política de jovens dos 16 aos 19 anos, analisando as seguintes questões:

  • What are the traditional media?s significance ? in general ? and the new ICTs? ? in particular ? for young people in their role and identity as citizens?
  • Of special interest is the notion of learning: how do young citizens use the traditional media and the new ICTs to learn what they need to know in order to become active citizens?

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