terça-feira, maio 25, 2004

Como é que os adolescentes imigrantes usam e avaliam as notícias

Uma comunicação apresentada esta semana, num dos foruns de Barcelona 2004, aborda um tema do qual estamos cada vez mais próximos:
"Migrant News Seekers: News media use and evaluation by Moroccan and Turkish adolescents in Flanders", de Noël Clycq do Policy Research Centre on Equal Opportunities (University Antwerp, Bélgica)
O resumo:
"This article empirically examines the use and evaluation of television news by young
?news seekers? of Moroccan and Turkish origin. The main research questions are: Do
?migrant? adolescents, between 18 and 28 years, consult the Flemish television news?
And, if so, how do they evaluate these broadcastings? By means of in-depth
interviewing we tried, in this qualitative study, to gain understanding in their
behaviour and attitudes towards Flemish television news. The results show that
respondents often do consult the Flemish news media, in particular the two main
Flemish broadcasting organisations, VTM (commercial television) and VRT (state
television). Satellite television is less popular among our respondents but nevertheless they sometimes consult these channels for a second opinion. Although the
consumption of Flemish television news is high, the respondents ventilated a few
critical remarks. Mainly the representation of ethnic minorities and of the Islam was a cause of concern for our respondents".

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