sexta-feira, janeiro 30, 2004

A literacia e a próxima geração

BBC NEWS: Media studies: The next generation:
"It is important to encourage children to distinguish between different form s of moving image media such as documentary, news, propaganda, advertisements and corporate promotion, and to recognise that the sources and motivation of a text can make a difference to the truth or accuracy of what it says."
Despite this, the BFI's Cary Bazalgette rejects the term "media studies" in favour of "media literacy". Its aims are no different from reading classes, she says.
Children with multi-channel TV watch four hours more a week
"That's about building up children's confidence as readers. We're saying to teachers you can now build that up with media forms children are already familiar with.

"You cannot be literate in the 21st Century unless you are literate in all the media that are used to communicate."

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