quarta-feira, outubro 29, 2003

Ir a Londres
Conferência internacional
sobre as crianças e os novos media

"Digital Generations - Children, young people and new media" é o tema de uma conferência internacional que se realiza em Londres, de 26 a 29 de Julho de 2004, por iniciativa do Centre for the Study of Children, Youth and Media, do Instituto de Educação da Universidade de Londres, centro que é liderado pelo Prof. David Buckingham.

Algumas informações complementares sobre esta iniciativa:

"Computer games, the internet and other new communications media are often seen to pose threats and dangers to young people; but they also provide new opportunities for creativity and self-determination. This international conference will present the most exciting and challenging new research on children, young people and new digital media. We aim to bring together researchers from a range of academic disciplines – including media and cultural studies, anthropology, sociology, psychology and education – and to promote dialogue within and across research traditions. We also aim to develop dialogue between researchers, practitioners in digital media, and educators. Keynote speakers include David Buckingham (University of London), Marsha Kinder (University of Southern California), Gunther Kress (University of London) and Sonia Livingstone (London School of Economics). The last day of the conference will be an education day featuring new research and strategies for teachers, as well as workshops led by practitioners, such as games and web designers.

Conference themes will include:
- Digital divides: social differences in children's uses of new media
- Globalisation and intercultural communication
- Changing youth and childhood identities
- New media, schools and informal learning
- Regulation: censorship or consumer empowerment?
- Play, games and interactivity
- Children and young people as media producers".

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