sábado, setembro 20, 2008

A regulação dos media na educação

A Press Complaints Commission, do Reino Unido, acaba de editar uma publicação que se destina a apoiar a abordagem que os professores possam fazer da questão da regulação dos media, em particular da Imprensa. Intitula-se "Teachers' Resource Pack" e está acessível online.
A explicação dos objectivos e potencial interesse deste manual vem na introdução:
One of the most powerful influences in our society is the media.Hand in hand with the undoubted benefits of a free and vigorous press goes the need to ensure that we can trust it to act responsibly and can be confident that, when things occasionally go wrong, those directly affected have the means to ensure that mistakes are acknowledged and corrected. This resource pack is designed to be used by teachers when planning Key Stage 5 classes around media regulation and the print media in general, although the content may also prove useful for adaptation to suit younger Key Stage 3 and 4 groups. However it is used, we hope that the material in the pack will answer most of your immediate questions - and those of your students - about how the newspaper and magazine industry is regulated and about the role of the Press Complaints Commission (PCC). As well as the Code of Practice and information on the history and structure of the Commission, you will find examples of actual complaints investigated by the PCC and exercises which you may wish to use in the classroom. (...)"

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