quinta-feira, junho 12, 2008

Literacia mediática: uma "pedra angular"

A académica e activista canadiana Liss Jeffrey, defendeu recentemente que “Media literacy is a cornerstone for effective citizenship in the 21st century.”
Numa cerimónia que assinalou o centenário da Escola de Jornalismo do Missouri e o centenário do National Press Club, foi a primeira a intervir e pode ser vista e ouvida aqui:

According to Jeffrey, media literacy classes are mandatory in Canada: “In Canada you don’t make the assumption that you do or CAN control the media environment. Why? Because we not only have Canadian channels but we have all the U.S. channels …. It’s just not a possibility. You don’t go to the FCC and say, ‘BAN those wardrobe malfunctions’…. That’s just not the way it works. … So the idea was: What we need to do is …train those students who are citizens-to-be in how to think critically about any environment that they may run across.”

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