terça-feira, março 11, 2008

Literacia: abrir portas

"(...) The 21st century definition of literacy involves being able to “produce, read, and interpret spoken language, print, and multimedia” (Ansky). This new definition of literacy enables teachers and students to open and explore doors that were never before available. One of the major goals of this new literacy is collaboration and contribution. Students are no longer expected to simply read out of a textbook. They are now expected to read text, discuss it with their peers, collaborate their ideas, and post their ideas on the internet. According to Richardson, “readers are no longer just readers”, they are expect to analyze, revise, and question text that they read. When textbooks were the only source of information the publishing companies hired editors to do this job. With the evolution of the internet into a place when anyone can post anything, this is now something that the readers of those sites are responsible for.(...)".

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