quinta-feira, janeiro 17, 2008

Tendências: crianças e TIC no Reino Unido
Internet: a pouco e pouco...
  • Internet use is taking first place in children's lives. Eight in ten 5-16s have Internet access at home, and half have broadband. Users spend an average of 1.9 hours a day online
  • 93% of children have a PC at home, and a third have their own PC
  • The gradual downward trend in children's TV viewing continues, with children watching an average of 2.4 hours per day, compared to 3 hours 5 years ago.
  • Almost all 5-16s have access to multi-channel TV, the majority at home : eight in ten 5-16s have their own TV and seven in ten have their own DVD player
  • Almost six in ten now have their own MP3 player, nearly twice as many as a year ago.
  • Mobile Phone penetration holds with two thirds of all 5-16s owning, rising to more than nine in ten 11-16s; penetration amongst 5-10s is around four in ten owning.
  • The number receiving a regular income remains at more than eight in ten, whilst average pocket money and earnings for 5-16s continues to fall, to £10.40 per week this year.
Fonte: estudo da Childwise

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Pode que sexa demasiado.