quinta-feira, dezembro 23, 2004

"Media literacy" tema de dois números da American Behavioral Scientist

A revista científica "American Behavioral Scientist" publicou dois números (1 e 2) do vol. 48, relativos a Setembro e Outubro deste ano em grande parte dedicados ao tema da "media literacy". É possível aceder ao texto completo dos artigos, pesquisando a Biblioteca Online do Conhecimento (B-ON), uma iniciativa a que a Universidade do Minho aderiu. Depois de abrir o site basta introduzir o descritor "media literacy" no sítio dedicado à pesquisa, aguardar um pouco e seguir as indicações. Entre os textos encontram-se estes:

- Argument for the Need for a Cognitive Theory of Media Literacy (Potter, W. James)
- The Muse Pixeliope: Digitalization and Media Literacy Education (Olson, Scott Robert)
- The More We Know, the More We See: The Role of Visuality in Media Literacy (Natharius, David)
- Media Literacy and Television Criticism: Enabling an Informed and Engaged Citizenry (Vande Berg, Leah R)
- Cognitive Dissonance, Media Illiteracy, and Public Opinion on News Media (Claussen, Dane S.)
- Out of Sight and Out of Mind: The Media Literacy Needs of Grown-Ups (Dennis, Everette E.)
- Media Literacy and Public Health: Integrating Theory, Research, and Practice for Tobacco Control (Gonzales, Rachel)
- Health Literacy via Media Literacy : Video Intervention/Prevention Assessment (Rich, Michael)
- Empowerment Education: The Link between Media Literacy and Health Promotion (Bergsma, Lynda J.)
- Introduction: High Time for ?Dis-illusioning? Ourselves and Our Media : Media Literacy in the 21st Century, Part II: Strategies for the General Public (Galician, Mary-lou)
- Media Literacy ?A National Priority for a Changing World (Thoman, Elizabeth)
- Shifting from Media to Literacy : One Opinion on the Challenges of Media Literacy Education (Rogow, Faith)
- Media as Social Institution (Silverblatt, Art)
- A Review of School-Based Initiatives in Media Literacy Education (Hobbs, Renee)
- A Deeper Sense of Literacy : Curriculum-Driven Approaches to Media Literacy in the K-12 Classroom (Scheibe, Cynthia L.)
- Media Literacy and the Teaching of Civics and Social Studies at the Dawn of the 21st Century
(Kubey, Robert)
- A College Professor Teaches a Fourth-Grade Media Literacy Unit on Television Commercials: Lessons Learned by the Students?And by the Teacher (Hundley, Heather L.)
- Assessment, Media Literacy Standards, and Higher Education (Christ, William G)
- Mining the Invisible: Teaching and Learning Media and Diversity (Holtzman, Linda)
- Media , Information Communication Technologies, and Youth Literacies: A Cultural Studies Perspective (Alvermann, Donna E.).

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