sábado, setembro 20, 2003

Novo livro sobre educação para os media

Visions/Revisions Moving Forward with Media é o título de um livro acabado de sair nos EUA, para assinalar o 50º aniversário do National Telemedia Council.
Trata-se de uma antologia de textos "containing the most up-to-date thinking about media literacy education by top authors from around the world. This new book is a virtual textbook of the key issues and ideas shaping media literacy education for the 21st century. Created as part of the NTC's year long Institute on Media Literacy, this 194 page textbook presents a diverse collection of articles by acknowledged international media education scholars and practitioners. The result is a range of perspectives, reflections and emerging theories about media education that scan the field of media literacy This is a must-read for anyone seriously interested in becoming more literate about the role of media in society".


Part 1 Welcoming the New Media Education and Digital Culture

Digital Literacies: Media Education & New Media Technologies
David Buckingham

Multimedia Authoring As A Fundamental Principle of Literacy
And Teaching Training In The Information Age
Alfonso Gutierrex Martin

Part 2 Testing the Limits of Democracy

Weapons of Mass Distraction? Media Literacy, Social Studies & Citizenship
David Considine

Democracy & Media Literacy
Robert Ferguson

Visions of Media Education: The Road from Dystopia
Len Masterman

Media Education Is Education for Democracy
Roxana Morduchowicz

Part 3 Media Education Theory & Practice

Ten Plus One Identity Crises
Neil Andersen

Is There A Place for Media Literacy in Tobacco Prevention Efforts?
Frank Baker

Media Education- An Agent of Change
Maureen Barron & Lee Rother

Understanding Teachers' Experiences With Media Literacy In The Classroom
Renee Hobbs

Now Is the Time For Research In Media Education: Moving Our Field Forward
Robert Kubey

Relevance And Riqour In Media Education: A Path to Reflection On Our Identity
Robyn Quinn and Barrie McMahon

Part 4 Media Education Around The World

From The Margins Come Great Things: Media Teaching In New Zealand
Geoff Lealand

The Media Education Network in Hong Kong & Key Trends of World Communication
Alice Lee

Perspectives on Japan's Media Environment and the MELL Project
Shin Mizukoski and Yuhei Yamauchi

The Future of Media Education
Chris Worsnop

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