sexta-feira, outubro 09, 2009

Participação e literacia digital

Acaba de sair na Futurelab, no Reino Unido: Digital participation, digital literacy, and school subjects - A review of the policies, literature and evidence.

Refere, nas conclusões:
A series of conceptual and pedagogical models has emerged from recent research which aim to support the development of digital literacy and young people’s
participation in the classroom. These models suggest that the development of
learners’ digital literacy requires them to define a task or question, access information which will help to complete this task or answer the question, understand and analyse this information, recontextualise it and relate it to other knowledge, in order to create an answer to the question and communicate the results. At all stages of the process, young people need to reflect critically upon what they have been doing, as well as deciding what sort of digital or non-digital tools are
appropriate to the task.

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