quinta-feira, junho 23, 2005

Youths opting for Web at expense of TV and radio

Young people across Europe are spending less time watching TV and listening to the radio as a result of using the Internet, according to research.
The report from the European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA) found that almost half of 15-24 year olds (46%) are watching less TV and 22% are listening to less radio as a result of their time on the Internet. Meanwhile, a third of those questioned are reading less books and newspapers, opting to consume information over the Internet. The study also found that young people are spending almost a quarter of their media time (24%) online, more than reading newspapers (10%) or magazines (8%). In comparison, the average European devotes 20% of their media activity to the Internet. Among 15-24 year olds, TV continues to represent the largest share of media time at 31% with radio just ahead of the Internet on 27%. The study revealed that music dominates online activity for this age group with the Internet providing a cheaper and more convenient means of purchasing and downloading tracks. A quarter of 15-24 year olds are now buying music online having previously purchased it in the shops. (...)

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